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Sugarpod Showreels

As an actor, your voice reel is your calling card that you send out to agents, casting directors and production studios, so we spend a lot of time listening to you, tailoring your showreel to your needs and ambitions. We believe your showreel should showcase your natural voice, and play to your strengths.

Some people may be more diverse, with animation and character voices, others may wish to focus more on advertising or continuity. Whatever your field, It will be an enjoyable and highly creative session, and you will learn a lot too.
Let us introduce you to a whole host of industry ‘secrets’; vocal techniques to make you sound your best.

"I receive about 30 showreels a month at my agency and highly recommend

the people at Sugar Pod Productions, if you need a good demo doing " 

Martin Hughes, 

"Kerry and Tony were amazing to work with. They gave me confidence in what I was doing, whilst both working to make sure I got the best from my reel. They've both been hugely helpful post-recording as well, and I couldn't ask for anything more! " Lauren Wilson, actress


We have a detailed conversation with you on the phone pre-recording session.This gives us a very good idea of your natural accent, experience, and voice range - and allow us to get some appropriate scripts together.


We have the scripts ready for you in a variety of styles we think may work. ie. If you were doing an ‘agent’s reel’ - commercials, documentary pieces, continuity links, animations -.

However, there is always room for creative surprises. Until we get you into the vocal booth, we don’t know what your strengths may be (and probably neither do you.)

We prefer not to let you get into bad habits by rehearsing scripts before the session day. It’s not about rushing you in and out of the studio.

The studio session is your time, so that you can work with us, and find your vocal range, your ‘selling’ voice and showcase your natural voice.


It’s about learning too, so we will teach you tips - what we know, what to watch, how to relax your voice, how to cope with nerves, how to not sound flat etc, when to stress the right words to hold attention. You will be guided throughout the session, in a very relaxed fun way.


Your finished reel will be edited and e-mailed to you within 48 hours. We add sound effects and music so that the pieces on the showreel will sound like authentic commercials, documentaries etc.We will give you advice from a production studio/agency point of view on what to do next.

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