Our voices are a mix of talented actors, comedy performers & announcers.   If you have any questions regarding a specific voice, or need help with casting, get in touch!

  • AdienneYangsite.jpg

    Adrienne Yang

    Young, bright & vibrant. Mandarin
  • Bethany Blake

    Bethany Blake

    Natural, clear & informative.
  • Brian%20Tynan_edited.jpg

    Brian Tynan

    Irish. Rich,  melodic, conversational & clear.
  • Caroline%20Guthery_edited.jpg

    Caroline Guthrie

    Scottish. Rich, warm, engaging & versatile!
  • ClaireRedcliffe_edited.jpg

    Claire Redcliffe

    Entrusting  light  nortern lilt. Chatty & bright plus fantastic diverse animation voices.
  • ClarkeAlexander_edited_edited.jpg

    Clark Alexander

    Scottish.  Relaxed, clear & versatile promos. Great animation.
  • DariusGreensite_edited.jpg

    Darius Green

    Powerful, resonant, deep & cool.  London.
  • ElliotHadley_edited.jpg

    Elliot Hadley

    Urban, reassuring & clear.  Northern.
  • FrankieClarence_edited.jpg

    Frankie Clarence

    Young, London, upbeat , chatty & cool plus animation
  • Hiral_V.jpg

    Hiral Varsani

    Young, vibrant, London & character voices. Also Hindu.
  • JenniferHealy-site_edited.jpg

    Jennifer Healy

    Sultry & smooth, as well comedic & conversational.
  • JamieMunsey_edited.jpg

    Jamie Munsey

    Natural US.  International, cool, clear & sassy.
  • JackBaldwin_edited_edited.jpg

    Jack Baldwin

    Smooth, relaxing & conversational.
  • Jake%25252520Robson%25252520Headshot_edi

    Jake Robson

    Urban, cool, punchy & resonant. 
  • Jo%20Lee_edited.jpg

    Jo Lee

    Natural cockney. Warm, chatty & natural. Versatile! Incredible cartoon & gaming voices. 
  • JoeHowleger_edited.jpg

    Joe Holweger

    Resonant, cool &  rich to warm & chatty.  Light midlands lilt.  Wonderful comedic characters.
  • Kerri%20McLean%20Headshot_edited.jpg

    Kerri Mclean

    Husky, rich, contemporary & sultry. Lovely narration & characters.
  • KerryLcn_edited.jpg

     Kerry Corran

    Fresh, light & bubbly to warm  & authoritative.  Plus animation & gaming voices.
  • Lawrence%20Watling%20Headshot_edited.jpg

    Lawrence Watling

    Chatty, relatable  promos & character voices. London.
  • Mark%252520Carter_edited_edited_edited.j

    Mark Carter

    Rich, gravelly & clear. Native Northern.
  • mark%20sangster%20113_edited.jpg

    Mark Sangster

    Native Scots. Rich, warm & smooth. Very versatile!
  • Mark%20Shaer_edited.jpg

    Mark Shaer

    Engaging & conversational.  Native London.
  • MarvalynOmoyinmi_edited_edited_edited.jp

    Marvalyn Omoyinmi

    Young, chatty, energetic & contemporary.
  • MegsO_smaller.jpg

    Odigmegwu Okoye

    Warm, rich  deep & cool London voice.
  • OwenFrost_edited_edited.jpg

    Owen Frost

    Light, versatile, upbeat & engaging Welsh voice.
  • PENELOPE%20ANN%20SHIPLEY-0705-1_edited.j

    Penelope Shipley

    Bright , clear & entrusting.  Natural Lancashire lilt.
  • RajChoudhury*.jpeg

    Raj Choudhury 

    Gentle, sweet melodic voice. Indian/London with fluent Hindu & Bengali. 
  • Robyn%20Photo%20bw_edited.png

    Robyn Pinkney

    Australian. Approachable & smooth, to upbeat & punchy.
  • Sean Power.jpg

    Sean Power

    Punchy US voice. Great upbeat promos & animation voices.  Lots of gaming experience.

  • ShababaHussain*_edited.png

    Shabana Hussain

    Authoritative smooth & engaging. Neutral, plus light northern.  Also fluent Urdu.
  • silashawkins_edited.jpg

    Silas Hawkins

    Hundreds of accents , impressions & character voices!

  • Suzanna%20Hughes-50_edited.jpg

    Suzanna Hughes

    Warm & natural  to punchy &  upbeat. Comedic character voices.

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