This is an agents’ showreel for the commercial voiceover market. Usually eight pieces consisting of a mix of:


  • Commercials

  • Narration

  • Documentary pieces

  • Continuity links

  • Animation / Video Game voiceover


After talking over your selection with our producers, you can enjoy four hours of unhurried studio time to record the work. We will then edit and polish your voice, adding effects and music to create a dazzling finished product. Individual MP3s will be e-mailed to you, ready for you to distribute.


—  John Hancock, Thoughts




*As in ‘Package 1. Commercial Reel’.

But in terms of studio time, we go through very specific material for your Showreel.


—  John Hancock, Thoughts


Snappy Montage We’ll edit your reel into a ‘best of’ – A 90 second/ 2min showcase clip. An attention-grabbing trailer, to send out to agents and casting directors. This can be used as Spotlight Clips, on Mandy.com or other casting sites.