Gift Voucher :
 *Now Available* our popular Voice Reel Gift Vouchers are back!  If you know someone who is in need of a voicereel, and would like to purchase one as a present, call for more details.

You can listen to examples of montages and voice clips under 'voices', the agency seciton of our website.

We operate a relaxed and creative one-to- one working environment at Sugar Pod - with up to 4 hours studio time on the day, and another 4 hours post - editing afterwards adding music and sound effects.

We supply all the scripts tailored for you, and towards your voice, and you get a producer and  voice director & agent sititng in the session training you during the showreel session.

We'll produce a commercial 'agents' reel, for continuity links, adverts, documentaries, animation and corporate voice work.

A lot of training and direction is given during the production of the reel.

For information on how we work or to book a reel, please call us on 07967673552 

Address: 5 Clarendon Rd London, Greater London N22 6XJ, UK   Email:   Tel: 0208 374 4701